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mattersmostRecently I read an article on Health is Wealth about a young man who grew up with no money, experienced what he describes now as his lowest point and made it through as a stronger more empowered man. He now has a dream and a new outlook on life which is to make money, as do we all, but for different reasons. His goal is to work hard so that his parents can work less and he can buy his parents anything that they will be happy to have. One day reality set in and the young man was able to see how he had got so caught up in working hard for a better future for his parents that he had hardly anytime at all to spend with them in the present. Sometimes in our urgency to reach an important goal in our lives we can lose sight of the bigger picture…the thing that matters most.

What About You?

What matters most to you? What are your goals in life? We all have life priorities and what we deem important.  What is it that is really most important to you? Your family? Career? Material possessions? Others? How about yourself?  You may say one thing but your life may clearly reflect something totally different. If you asked those closest to you would their answer be the same as yours? We want to make sure that our words line up with our heart and our heart lines up with our actions.

Refocus or Take Action?

If you say your dream of becoming a home owner is what matters to you, yet you spend all your money on clothes and nights on the town then you need to refocus!

Perhaps your family is all you talk about to your co-workers and friends. Sharing how you’d like to go here and there, and do this or that but when you get time off there is always a rhyme or reason why you don’t take the opportunity to do those things. Don’t put off any longer, take action!! Life is not promised, spend time with loved ones, cherish family, live your dreams, or whatever it is that’s important to you. Simply take advantage of each day doing whatever matters to you and putting what really matters  first!

Are your priorities in order? Are your words in line with your actions? If not do you need to refocus or take action?

What matters to me

Making sure other’s know about the love of Jesus and the gift of salvation. This is something that I have lost focus on. Because many of my relationships are with those who already have salvation I have slacked off even sharing about it to those who don’t. My mouth says it matters but my actions are not lined up with my words.  I need to refocus, and I will.