rom-12-2-be-transformed-by-the-renewing-of-your-mindToday is day 8 of the 14 – Day Gratitude Challenge and the task is to transform an ungrateful thought.

I know there are times we have ungrateful thoughts, sometimes without even realizing it. I know I have, in fact today I thought how ungrateful my husband was being by leaving trash littered all inside our car.  At first I refused to take it out and dispose of it properly because it was not my responsibility but then I remembered something a teacher shared with me a couple of years ago of how her assistant would never clean up the food areas after lunch although it was her responsibility. When I began to respond by speaking my opinion of how that was not fair to her that she had to do additional work she stopped me abruptly to say that she didn’t even mind the extra work even though it was not her responsibility because she felt grateful unto God that she even had the energy and activity of her limbs to move around freely and get it done. So nevertheless after recalling that conversation I decided too that I was grateful for the activity of my limbs and the fact that I even have a car to clean trash out of.  I don’t know if that recollection will work every time ;=) but I do know that I will be more conscious about checking my ungrateful thoughts and transforming them into grateful one’s.

Your Task: Transform an Ungrateful Thought

1. Observe your thoughts today or reflect on any you had this week that were ungrateful thoughts.

2. What makes this an ungrateful thought?

3. How can you transform this thought into a grateful one? Share the negative, ungrateful thought and how you transformed it into a new grateful thought in your Gratitude Journal.

Daily Journaling: Write 3 Things Your Are Grateful for Today

In addition to today’s task, identify 3 things you are grateful for today.  This can be situations, people, places or things. Perhaps it’s something that happened that you weren’t even expecting but you are grateful for.

3 Things I’m grateful for today:

1. Great expectations!

2. Taking steps for better overall health and fitness by eating more veggies!

3. Believe it or not at this moment I’m grateful for my husbands snoring ;+)