imagesToday is day 6 of the 14- Day Gratitude challenge by Celes on the Personal Excellence blog that I have happily chosen to participate in.  Today let’s stop and consider our life and all it entails.  How we got here, where we came from, the different phases of life that we’ve gone through to be who we are to day. Yes, life, our very existence and give thanks for it.

Your Task: Give Thanks For Your Life

Write a note in your journal today and give thanks to everyone/everything that you feel has played a part in the life you live today directly or indirectly.

Dear God, I give thanks to you always for knowing that you formed me in my mother’s womb and have everything to do with my very existence.  I appreciate you for your grace and mercy that has brought me through difficult and trying times and for your favor that has caused me to experience joy and thanksgiving.  Thank you Lord for making and molding me into one who forgives and releases and no longer holds grudges nor seeks revenge. Thank you for a life in which I know you as my personal savior and can dwell in your presence.

Thank you mother for caring for me in your womb raising me up and teaching me ways of a respectful, well mannered child.  Thank you for feeding me so that I can grow strong and healthy, for taking me to the fair and buying me presents for Christmas because these experiences have given me good memories and a tradition to carry on with my own children as I’ve grown older and began to live my life on my own.  Thank you for leaving J.G. and exposing me to a man like B.B. so I’d know the difference of what is and is not acceptable from a man in my life…I appreciate you.

I give thanks to my grandmother and aunt Joyce for aiding in my upbringing and the huge example of loving, giving and forgiving spirits they displayed. They have tremendously shaped my life values.

I also give thanks to my husband and children who help to make me the person I am and even better than that everyday.  Simply because of their presence my life is well. I thank my sister for the opportunity to share a bond with her that some siblings will never experience and for Aniya for in her I show unconditional love, increased patience and a renewed prayer life.

Bo thank you for being a friend I could trust and laugh because it helped me to believe in people and keep a youthful spirit, Fink thank you for being who you are alway jolly and full of laughter you have shown me a good heart. To the many other people who have helped in one way or another to shape my life…thank you.

Three things that I am grateful for today:

1. God’s grace and mercy that brings us through EVERYTIME!!.

2. Aniya’s hugs and kisses.

3. A husband wo never gives up!