Day 0 

Today  I’ve begun the 14 – Day Gratitude Challenge from Celestine Chua who is not only an inspiration to me personally but she is also a life coach and founder of my favorite blog site Personal Excellence!

The 14 – Day Gratitude Challenge began on August 15th and will end on August 28th. The challenge is for any and everyone who wants to participate by practicing gratitude.  There will be gratitude challenges given each day until the end of the challenge.  The task of gratitude can range from giving someone a heartfelt letter of appreciation to giving thanks for your food.

At the end of each day you are to report back to the site to share your results.  You can post here on this blog site or you can post on personalexcellence.co where you can have access to more challenges, ideas and overall inspiration!

It’s not to late for those who would like to join me on this wonderful journey of gratitude Let’s get started and caught up!! The challenges listed below were dated for August 15, 16, and 17th but if you can complete them all today we will be on track!

Day 0 – Start a Gratitude Journal

Simply start by selecting your gratitude journal, there are many formats to choose from. you can use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or a free blog site such as WordPress or Blogger such as this one.  Of course there is always a handy-dandy notebook around that you can title “My Gratitude Journal and if you’d like to make it personal design the cover with decorations and drawings like the one’s shown on the Personal Excellence blog site. it’s all up to you because it’s Your Gratitude Journal! ;+)

Day 1 – Write 10 Things You are Grateful for in Your Life

Use your gratitude journal in whatever format you have chosen and list 10 things you are grateful for in your life.

1. I’m grateful for family that’s healthy (including myself).

2. I’m grateful to know Jesus as Lord and the opportunity to serve Him freely.

3. I’m grateful to experience joy, laughter and peace of mind.

4. I’m grateful for a husband who is a fun-loving respectful man of God.

5. I’m grateful for having all the necessities of life as well as all material blessings.

6. I’m grateful to be a good-hearted, loyal and honest individual.

7. I’m grateful for healthy, loving relationships.

8. I’m grateful for the promises of God which are yea and amen.

9. I’m grateful to live, learn and grow in grace.

10. I’m grateful for all those who help others in whatever ways that may be.

Daily Journaling: Write 3 Things You Are Grateful for Today

In addition to the task for day one identify 3 things you are grateful for on today.  These 3 things can be giving thanks for you health and strength to sharing your personal appreciation to a friend.

1. Today I am grateful for C’aira making it to school safely.

2. Today I am grateful for a good relationship with my sister.

3. Today I am grateful I’ve cast all my cares on The Lord because He cares for me.

Day 2 – Give Thanks for Your Food

1. Take a picture of your meal (one or more of them).  Keep a personal log of what you ate today.

2. Before you dig in give thanks for your food however you choose to do so.

3.  Take your time and enjoy your food reflect on how the food came about and the process it took to get it to you on today.

Day 3 – Write a Gratitude Note to Someone

I love writing love notes, that is notes of appreciation, encouragement, inspiration whatever it may be I think it’s awesome to be able to express my heart-felt feelings to others. This day we will write a note of gratitude and send it to that person who deserves to know how you appreciate them.

1. Identify who you will send the note to.  It can be a previous teacher, a church member, boyfriend/girlfriend or family member who has touched your heart or made a difference in your life.

2. This can be handwritten, email, social media or even text.

3. Take a photo image or screenshot to put into your gratitude journal.

Share Your Results!!

Be sure to always share your comments and pictures of each challenge, I can’t wait to hear your exciting replies and see your awesome pictures!